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      Welcome to Buck Up Rides.com! Our goal is to give riders of all ages an everlasting bond with horses. Whether you are new to horses, rode as a kid, or just haven't found where to go. We are located in gorgeous Carlsbad, CA.  A great place to go for a little fresh air and some peace from our busy lives. Close enough for that after school program for your child, or ditch the GYM and have fun excercising outdoors. Lessons starting from basic grooming to show quality horsemanship. We have Trail Riding options too! With our Guided Trail Rides, we offer everyone the chance to feel what life may have been like when it was simple. Have your own horse that is giving you a few problems? I can help you! With conditioning, communication, and anywhere you may feel need for improvement. I can also take the stress away by coming to YOU.


  We Provide several diffrent options from Trial Rides, Lessons, Training, and Morning hand lead walks with the horses and coffee. 

       At age 10 I had my first taste of the equine life. Fueled with this excitment of finding "my thing" I wanted to find a way to keep horses in my life. So I first begged my Mom to give me lessons and then begged the Trainer to let me do chores for more lessons. Boy did I eat my words when my Trainer had me out before the sun feeding horses, pigs, and chickens. Not to mention dragging a hose around to fill 25 water buckets, and mucking! But I appreciate every bit of it, to this day. After many years of work and lessons I was riding horses people had left and forgotten. I realized the horses and I helped each other. I loved and appreciated them and they gave me purpose (my school grades prospered too). Soon I was guiding trails for large groups of new riders and giving lessons to kids. My Trainer told me I was ready for the next step. I was finally allowed to ride her personal pride and joy, Arrow. It wasn't long before he and I were stuck like glue. He would follow me while I did chores and our horsing around just drove my Trainer crazy. She once again had to find more for me to do, Her solution? She took me to another barn that specialized in saddle seat. I showed and won several ribbons. My goal of being a confident and gentle rider was achieved. Now what?!  I decided instead of a car I would get a horse of my own. It broke my Trainer's heart at the thought of how miserable Arrow and I would be without each other. She surprised me with him; papers and all! I was the proud owner of Arrow! Then college came, I left to study animal science in Colorado. Soon after school I married my high school crush and our son was born in 2005. Like most new moms I wanted to shed some pounds. Instead of walking my stroller with other moms at the mall, Arrow was my walking partner. My son hasn't warmed up to riding since Arrow's passing, but he still loves hanging out with the big guy, Chooch, giving him carrots and kisses. My daughter was born in 2008. She is just like me! She wants to ride any and all horses. Though she's still in the pony stage of her lessons she is a natural born cowgirl. My motivation for starting this business, I thought, was to keep horses in my life. Now that I have kids I see the changes my family experienced with me and my growing up and I want to bring that to every person of every age!

                                                                            Natalie Galleisky
                                                  BU ck   Up   Rides

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